Ahoy, ahoy!

Welcome to my last entry for my Canadian art class!  It’s been a good run.  I hope this journal has helped me to be more interpretive with art and art forms.  I think it has been very useful for my reflections, so hopefully that is a good sign of my abilities to work with art in a productive manner.  In our last class, we tackled the homemade and handmade.  These works are used with methods such as sewing, spinning, knitting or cross stitching.  Typically, these activities are seen as women’s work or handicrafts from long ago.  I must say, I could hardly see my friends and I sitting around knitting or embroidering for an evening.  We’d much rather be out dancing, bowling, playing pool or at the very least, sitting at home and playing cards.  I don’t even know if any of us know how to knit.  I know it’s something I am always meaning to learn, yet never seem to have the time to actually try.  The reintroduction of craft into the fine art world is something that I think is wonderful.  Creating work with string and thread must take just as long as it does to sculpt or carve or paint something.  I also think it has opened up many avenues for reinterpretation of what art truly is.

Sewing and knitting and cloth seem so much more tactile to me, almost more friendly and inviting than a painting.  Concepts like knitting or embroidery are things everyone understands, even if it is just from some old cushions in your grandmother’s living room.  I think that often, embroidery and other things such as this can be more fun and playful than paintings, yet they can also be extremely beautiful, and really quite exquisite pieces.  To imagine that some people do not consider it art is ridiculous to me.  Have they never heard of the Bayeaux Tapestry?  This work is not an actual tapestry, but rather an embroidered cloth.  It has established itself within the canon as an important and relevant work of the early medieval period, not just for art history, but as a document of history in general.  Embroidery is simply another medium for creating work.

Halley's Comet in the Bayeaux Tapestry

For the last time, that’s all!